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Observe, Act, Mentor in a future in which emerging technologies together with local know-how is harness safely and responsibly for the public good. We believe innovative approaches that combine online and offline


OAM multidisciplinary expertise ranges  across policy, programmatic, and research spheres in a growing list of focus areas that include:

Underlying drivers of under development, forced migration, and conflict

  • Local governance and agency  

  • Demographic trends

  • Food security

  • Natural resource management (water, land tenure)

  • Health and education.

Diversification of financing instruments and increasing access to climate financing 

  • Government contributions, private sector, and climate financing such as carbon offsetting, debt swaps, and green bonds

  • Diversify the tax resource base

  • Identifying diversified investment portfolios that focus on short-term needs and longer term growth priorities

Shared de-risking investments: Better blends of concessional and non concessional loans instruments

  • Identify and capitalise on a more diversified blend of short-term grants and longer-term concessional and non-concessional financing instruments

  • International and country-specific debt structuring and management analysis 

Public-Private Partnerships

  • Create opportunities to leverage partnerships between public, private sector and philanthropies towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Regional/Cross-border perspective to national development

  • Expanding analytical lenses to include cross-border and regional dynamics to strengthen national development pathways

  • Including multi-state trade and migration perspectives 

Bridging the gap between Early Warning and Early Action

  • Integrating conflict prevention to conflict response with a regional focus and a human rights, democratic governance and peace and security approach

  • Risk engagement strategies to strengthen collaboration of security and development partners across the humanitarian, development and peace nexus (HDP- Nexus)

Impact measurement and Cross-Institutional Learning 

  • Design and implementation of impact monitoring and evaluation systems that are underpinned by common data collection and analysis architecture that promote a shared de-risking approach by public and private investors

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