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Our services encompass a diverse range of areas, all aimed at driving sustainable development, addressing the root causes of poverty and conflict and attracting a diversified set of financing sources from public and private sector partners to ensure impact and sustainability.

From strategic planning and innovative portfolio design to stakeholder and partner engagement, data-driven decision support, and integrated funding strategies, we offer a holistic suite of solutions tailored to meet unique client needs.

Our expertise ranges from robust investment measurement (SROI) frameworks; climate and blended finance to governance structures and processes; facilitating public-private investments; designing strategic communications and stakeholder management processes.

Explore our service lines to discover how we can drive your mission forward.

  • End-to-End Strategic Planning and Portfolio Design:
    Customised strategies aligned with client objectives Comprehensive implementation planning, including resource allocation, actionable roadmaps, and risk mitigation Strategic portfolio development, selection of high-impact initiatives and equitable solution oriented approaches Thematic risk and resilience orientation support specialising in key drivers of vulnerability and climate change
  • Operational and portfolio implementation support:
    Programmatic setup design and implementation matrix support Partner and stakeholder liaisons Internal and external compliance management
  • Strategic Impact Intelligence and Adaptive Learning Solutions:
    Robust Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) framework design Data-driven evaluations and impact assessments
  • Strategic Communication, and Stakeholder Engagements:
    Crisis communication and narrative management Stakeholder mapping and engagement Advocacy and public awareness campaigns
  • AI supported Research, Analysis and Evidence-Based Decision Support:
    In-depth context and trends assessment Policy and regulatory analysis Data-driven insights and recommendations
  • Sustainable Impact Investment and Transparent ESG Reporting:
    Holistic impact investment strategies Measurable ESG performance and reporting Investor and stakeholder alignment
  • Diversified Fundraising Strategies and Financial Instrument Analysis:
    Tailored resource mobilisation, donor engagement and proposal development Comprehensive financing instrument mapping and analysis Data-driven financial decision support debt analysis and management support
  • Climate Financing and Integrated Investment Solutions:
    Climate-related funding strategies and climate risk assessments Blended financing innovations Performance and impact assessment of climate-focused projects
  • Effective Governance Structures and Cooperative Partnerships:
    Transparent, accountable and ethical governance arrangements Adaptive governance structures and processes to strengthen investment impact
  • Integrated Collaboration Solutions for Public-Private Engagement:
    G2G: Design and implementation of collaboration architecture between governments to drive policy alignment and joint initiatives across country income typologies (LIC, LMIC, MIC, HIC) G2B: Design and implementation of collaboration architecture for businesses and governments to discuss development policy and investments B2B: Partnerships between businesses to foster innovation for development in developing countries C2G: Enabling citizens to provide feedback and contribute to policy formulation and implementation of development initiatives G2C: Enhancing citizen engagement, access to services and transparency in governance
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