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A Blueprint for Transformational Change

Updated: Jan 30

To strengthen partner coherence in the Sahel, there needs to be a focus on (1) identifying opportunities to better target fragility root causes and (2) leverage emerging and inclusive evidence bases.

UNISS along with the thematic, demographic, and geographic priorities captured in the UN Support Plan and corresponding theory of change together have the potential to be a blueprint for transformational change in the Sahel. Going forward, the UN and partners need to ensure that they systematically guide efforts to strengthen partner coherence to work and learn more effectively together across sectors in the HDP-N. Particular attention will be afforded to two interrelated areas.

First, a focus on identifying opportunities to better target and measure fragility root causes to help mitigate and prevent conflict and forced displacement.

Second, leverage this common emergent and inclusive evidence base to (a) better target those most vulnerable groups and areas more efficiently and effectively; and (b) forge and incentivise innovative partnerships and a shared learning architecture between the UN, government authorities, civil society, and the private sector to support a gradual shift from short term funding to longer term sustainable financing models.

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