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Youth Survey

Strengthening regional capacities to integrate youth perceptions in human rights-based approaches to conflict prevention & sustaining peace in Africa

Clients: Regional organisations, UN, and member states

Young Africans account for nearly 60% of the continental population and, as such, are potential major drivers of political, economic and social change. They are central to the successful attainment of the UN 2030 Agenda and the African Union (AU) 2063 Agenda. However, active youth participation can only be achieved if they are able to enjoy and exercise their human rights and fundamental freedoms. Their participation as partners in the conception, design, implementation and evaluation of initiatives and programs is crucial to create the peaceful environment that underlies sustainable development.

Within this Youth Perception Survey context, co-developed by OAM, aims to adopt a human rights-based approach to collect data from a wide range of youth demographics within the 5 regions of the African continent (including urban and rural) with a pronounced emphasis on gender. It is envisaged that the Survey forms the basis for developing capacity-building activities and program support for youth participation in key strategic events related to human rights, conflict prevention and peacebuilding. The project facilitates assessment for youth and their networks to be better positioned to develop evidence-based advocacy strategies and engage in policy dialogue at national, regional and continental levels.

Date - 2020

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