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Strategy for the Hessa Bint Ahmad Al-Sudairi Society

Fashioning philanthropic strategies towards the holistic alignment of SDGs and their national goals

Clients: Private philanthropic organisations

The philanthropic sector increasingly assumes its role in social, economic and environmental transformations towards sustainable development. In Saudi Arabia, Princess Hessa Bint Ahmad Al-Sudairi had special interests in women, youth, inequality, education, innovation and research. The HBAAS Society aims to honour her legacy and will but presenting a sustainable strategy for a modern Saudi Arabian context

OAM designed a comprehensive approach that aligns the initiatives of R.H. Hessa Bint Ahmad Al-Sudairi with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 with specific national strategic objectives to increase women's participation to include youth for national development and to use education and training as key drivers for the accomplishment of the SDGs in Saudi Arabia.

Date - 2020

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