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Sahel Vision Paper Transformational change in the Sahel -managing the transitions

Regional Strategy to inform UN and partners investments across the Sahel with a focus on the root causes of poverty, conflict and forced displacement and the effects of climate change.

Clients: Office of the Special Coordinator for Development in the Sahel (OSRDS)

The Sahel Vision Paper takes stock of the current operating modes of the United Nations and partners in the Sahel and suggests a realisation and an activation of some pressure points to accelerate sustainable development in the Sahel and promote stable peace and security in the region. It captures partner reflections across the policy, programme and research spheres about past, present and proposed development, peace and stabilisation efforts in the region. But mostly, it echoes the voices of the youth of the Sahel, gleaned from many deep and honest conversations the United Nations have hosted together with their national and local civil society organisation (CSO) partners.

Date - April 2022

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