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Making climate change a Core Educational Curriculum in Ethiopia by 202

Building Climate Literacy: Embedding Climate Change in Ethiopian Education

Clients: United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Studies show that worries about climate change are affecting a growing percentage of children and negatively impacting children’s psychosocial functioning. Studies also show that, if done correctly, engagement on the issue can be an opportunity for education about various subjects, from environmental science to energy and can empower children to effect change.

Beginning in Ethiopia, the purpose of this project is to ensure that Ethiopian national education systems are equipped with the most appropriate and empowering teaching curriculums based on international best practices. The project is intended as a first step to generate awareness about the need to integrate this teaching into national curriculums and begin the process of developing harmonised teaching curricula and methods throughout the continent so that each generation will be better equipped to address this complex subject.

Date - 2022

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